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We walk more than 6,000 kilometers a year during the tour, they open 240,000 bottles of champagne in Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower elevator runs 103,000 km per year, 15,000 people go to see the Mona Lisa, 2604 women’s clothing stores are opened, 5738 restaurants are ready to feed you.

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From the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral, passing through the narrow streets of the Marais district or walking along the Champs Elysees towards the Louvre. Tasting wine or enjoying croissants; looking from the observation deck on the roofs of the city or from the street looking at the pink sunset, we will help you fall in love with this city!

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This tour was so fun and Hannah was a fabulous host! Her storytelling was hilarious and informative, leaving us with anecdotes to share with our friends for the rest of the trip. Even though the weather was not ideal (cold,rainy, with intense wind) Hannah powered through the tour finding us dry and low-wind places to talk, occasionally checking in to make sure we all still wanted to keep going. Highly recommend, regardless of weather!


The Darkest Secrets of Paris

This is an Awesome tour. Ganna is very knowledgeable about fashion and took us to all the right places. It was fashion week in Paris so that made the experience even better. Ganna was passionate and enthusiastic about the stories she told us. Took us inside Louis Vuitton. Chanel and Hermes. It was a wonderful afternoon. Truly unique tour.


Luxury Paris, fashion history

As a collector of ghost stories this was one of my favorite things we did in Paris. Heard lots of stores that I have never heard before. Hanna has lots of creepy stories to tell us and it also gave us a good view of Paris at night


The Darkest Secrets of Paris

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