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Paris is a real haunted city. Discover the mysteries, murders, crimes, secret societies, ghosts stories that happened in Paris. See the dark side of this beautiful city. 

You can love Paris or hate it. We will show you the hidden treasures of this amazing city. You will feel yourself as a real parisianer, and finally you’ll fall in love. With Paris. 

Learn the dirtiest and the most mysterious secrets of french fashion brands and designers. Discover the french fashion history and how the luxury industry works.

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It was a dark, cold and rainy night in Paris. Anna came hurrying through the streets to meet her Dark Side of Paris guests for tonight. “Just perfect,” she thought. “I’m two minutes late, and in this weather! Sure hope the tour goes well …” As it turns out, it did. Two hours later, Anna left two happy (and a little shaken, but in a good way) Norwegians with memories of an engaging, fun and personal tour with a gorgeous, knowledgeable and passionate guide.


The Darkest Secrets of Paris


“Anna is a very passionate storyteller with a great sense of humour and immense patience. She has deep love and admiration for Paris, which is carried on throughout the whole journey.”


Instagram tour

This tour was easily one of my favorite parts of my trip to Paris. Ganna’s passion for history and deep self taught knowledge about the dark side of Paris sparked an interest in history for me that I have not known since my grade school days… Truly inspiring!! Ganna herself was welcoming and accommodating, and we were able to bond as she walked with us back toward the direction of our airbnb after the tour. Overall a great experience, recommend to anyone visiting


The Darkest Secrets of Paris

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