260/ tour

1,5 hours


from 1 person



We’ll walk in the luxury districts near Opera Garnier, Faubourg Saint Honoré street and Madeleine. During this experience you’ll discover the history of the most famous luxury fashion brands and learn how to read their collection today. Every brand has a DNA and follows it since the beginning. How? I’ll explain.

We will enter a lot of first boutiques to discover the luxury universe from inside and see the newest collections. Do you know: How a fashion designers did change a women’s life? Why Coco Chanel is so famous today and how her men influenced her career? What Yves Saint Laurent hide from everybody? Who is Louis Vuitton and what’s his story? Why Hermès is so expensive and inacessible today? What makes us buy and desire fashion brands? You’ll have the answers during our experience. It’s adapted for the “begginers” in fashion and people who wants to know how the fashion industry lives.


  • private tour
  • 2-6 persons


This is an Awesome tour. Ganna is very knowledgeable about fashion and took us to all the right places. It was fashion week in Paris so that made the experience even better. Ganna was passionate and enthusiastic about the stories she told us. Took us inside Louis Vuitton. Chanel and Hermes. It was a wonderful afternoon. Truly unique tour.


october 2019

Wonderful tour of Paris fashion district. We don't go into the shops usually (we entered just one, because the we could not see through the windows), but we get to walk through the locations and hear about the history of the fashion and the current activities. Also, we got to see some corners of the district we would not have been able to visit.


march 2019