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3-4 hours


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You only have a few hours, but want to see all the main attractions of the city? We will be happy to show you the most visited places and corners of Paris!

City of Light
Paris is the perfect city for walking! Let’s take a walk along its narrow streets and wide avenue, learn the secrets of building a city and explore the main attractions. The Eiffel Tower, as the most important attraction, will be our first discovery, with a height of 324 meters, it rises above the whole city. During the tour you will pass through a real shopping paradise, the famous Champs Elysees and see the majestic Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon. Through the Tuileries Gardens and the famous fountains, we will go to the Louvre itself and find some hidden true Parisian secret places.

Directly along the promenade, we will walk past the famous green boxes – second-hand book dealers who have been selling old books and souvenirs for several centuries. They will lead us to the island of Cité, the first settlement on the territory of Paris. You will see the oldest Pont Neuf bridge, get to know the Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her execution, and, of course, see the Notre Dame Cathedral, the most visited attraction.


  • private tour
  • Driver can be added


  • private tour
  • 2 persons
  • Driver can be added

Mini group

  • for family and friends
  • (3-6 persons)
  • Driver can be added


  • for big groups
  • 7+ persons